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Perched high above the six corners of Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenues in an Art Deco masterpiece formerly known as the Northwest Tower—stretching 203-feet tall and the only skyscraper for miles—The Robey captures the storied spirit of Chicago: a bustling, ever-changing, big-shouldered town.

Taking its name from Robey Street—the north-south artery that would become Damen Avenue—it was our objective from the start to honor this skyscraper's renowned past while bringing a fresh, new perspective.

Originally designed as an office building in 1929 by the firm of Perkins, Chatten, & Hammond, each of the hotel's 69 light-filled rooms, lobby and roof spaces were transformed by Belgian design duo Nicolas Schuybroek Architects and Marc Merckx Interiors.

I adore Chicago. It is
the pulse of America.


The result is a signature Grupo Habita hotel that's equal parts heritage and modern—a confident mix of Americana, ready to welcome wanderlusters from around the globe. And why not? We sit at the epicenter of Chicago's Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods, a pair of arts and culture-obsessed communities that comingle the best of the city's storied past and hard-working immigrant roots.

With 180-degree views of the city skyline, including tree-lined streets and the steel girders of L train stops, we welcome you to experience Chicago in a completely new context: where today's design meets yesterday's daring, with a little something always happening at night.


Chicago skyline


  • Corner Suite Room
  • Urban King Room
  • Panorama Suite Room
  • Landmark Queen Room

Each of our 69 rooms offers a front-row seat to the area's eclectic energy. Plus, our home in the former Northwest Tower's unique triangular footprint means every room gets a healthy dose of sunlight—the perfect complement to the warmth of hardwood floors.

Stay with us at The Robey and indulge in personal care amenities from Le Labo, 400-thread count sheets and our signature soft denim robes, all while staying connected via complimentary Wi-Fi and your very own Bluetooth-enabled sound system with personal media streaming right to your TV.

  • Landmark Queen Room
  • Landmark Queen Room
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  • Urban King Room
  • Urban King Room
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  • Corner Suite Room
  • Corner Suite Room
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  • Panorama Suite Room
  • Panorama Suite Room
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Food + Drinks

Cafe Robey

Café Robey (street level)

A gathering place for guests and locals alike, Café Robey, helmed by Chef Bradley Stellings, serves up French-American fare - all against the backdrop of Wicker Park and Bucktown's bustling six-corner intersection. Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with brunch on weekends too) - every seat is the best seat at Café Robey, with double height ceilings giving way to the streetscape of Milwaukee and North Avenues.

T. (872)315-3084

Breakfast 7am to 10am
Brunch 10 am to 2pm
Dinner 5pm to 10pm (Friday & Saturday until 11pm)

Breakfast Menu
Brunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Dessert Menu
Cocktail Menu


Lounge at Cafe Robey

Second Floor at CafÉ Robey

Just upstairs from Café Robey, slip into our Second Floor Lounge, the perfect place to order an espresso or a round of drinks with friends. Plug in and log on with our complimentary Wi-Fi—or kick back when your workday is done. Just prepare for the views to distract you: it's the best seat in the house to gaze out on the street action.

T. (872)315-3084

8am to 11pm (Friday & Saturday until midnight)

Special Events at The Robey

If you need a truly special space all to yourself for social or corporate events, The Robey has you covered. Please inquire here.

Up & Up

Up & Up (13th floor)

Sitting atop the tallest building for miles, our stunning rooftop 13th floor lounge is sure to leave you feeling lucky (thanks to those twinkling skyline views). Stretch out across low sofas next to the bar—or venture outside to the terrace where you'll see the The Robey's heavens-bound spire. As the name suggests, we're up for anything and always down for a nightcap. Did we mention we offer late checkouts?

Up for a reservation? Please call (872)315-3082

6pm to 1am (closed Sunday)

Cabana Club (6th floor) – Opening Spring 2017

Where the city meets vacation—no really, there's a rooftop pool. Sitting atop our adjoining sister property, The Hollander (home of the Social Stay), our full-service restaurant Cabana Club is open to all—because with 180-degree views of the skyline, we couldn't keep it all to ourselves. To the East you'll spot Chicago's 1,127-foot high John Hancock building as well as the tops of more earthly neighborhood churches. You may even catch a glimpse of a passing L train or two—the Damen Station is right here. Serving a delicious menu of Greek-inspired favorites all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy. Chicago natives and citizens of the world welcome.

T. (872)315-3083

Restaurant 5 pm to 1 am
Pool 9 am to 5 pm for hotel guests only

I drink to make other
people more interesting.


Sketch of The Robey

Rooftop Pool

Rooftop pool

Nothing says getting away like getting in the pool. That's why—despite some well-meaning skeptics—we had to have one. We like to think of this rooftop oasis as a little slice of summer vacation in the heart of the city. Sure, Lake Michigan offers miles of waterfront—but can you order a mojito from your lounge chair? We didn't think so. Opening Spring 2017.

Art + Culture

Chicago is home to some of the best museums, galleries, and cultural centers in the world. Some of those must-see sights are right here in Wicker Park and Bucktown, just outside The Robey's doors.

Art is the closest
we can come to
how a stranger
really feels.


Because we like things off-the-beaten path, our recommendations for what to see and do here may be outside of the norm. We think that's the best way to get a feel for Chicago that's both real and memorable.

These are the places, paths and activities we at The Robey love to explore.

Museum of Contemporary Art
 Chicago Museums


Map of neighborhood

Way Back When

First incorporated into the city of Chicago back in 1837, the Wicker Park District sprang up around a verdant triangle of fountains and paths named after the park's developers, Charles G. Wicker and his brother Joel H. Wicker. Soon the heart of the district became known as the six corners—where North, Milwaukee and Damen Avenues meet (along with The Robey's front doors).

As waves of immigrants moved in—first Irish, then German, Scandinavian, Polish and Jewish—the neighborhoods' bakeries and grocery stores reflected its ever-changing residents' tastes. And though the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 devastated the city, an influx of prosperous families to the area during the subsequent rebuild brought with them beautiful brick and stone homes that remain gems of the neighborhoods today.


Two neighborhoods, one love

There's a reason people fall for Wicker Park—the neighborhood boasts some of Chicago's most photographed Victorian homes and tree-lined streets (it is a Chicago Landmark District, after all). Plus, the bordering area of Bucktown—with its charming storefronts and artist community roots—creates an irresistible mix that continues to draw locals and visitors alike.

Luckily for The Robey, our doors sit right at the crossroads of these two eclectic communities and offer guests a stay steeped in the city's history and culture, all within an afternoon's walk.

The Here and Now

With roots firmly planted in the 19th century's past, a visit to Wicker Park and Bucktown today reveals a thoroughly modern evolution: of-the-moment restaurants and galleries, cafes and studios, dotting the restored storefronts and sunny sidewalks. Not to mention, a cluster of easy-to-use public transportation like the iconic L Train.

We've got homegrown icons in spades. While some might compare the area to New York City's East and West Villages, we think these twin neighborhoods are all Chicago Search record stores for Chi-Town musicians from Curtis Mayfield to Sam Cooke; browse bookstores for some of our most recognizable voices like Saul Bellow and Sandra Cisneros.

In our opinion, whether you're in the mood for a nightcap or a morning Vinyasa class, there's no better pocket of the city to go where the locals go and live like you're never leaving.

Still want more time to explore our city? Extend your stay at The Robey here


Green Music Fest

I adore Chicago. It is
the pulse of America.


With so much to see and do in Wicker Park, Bucktown and beyond we rounded up a list of our favorite upcoming events and goings-on, handpicked and refreshed by in-the-know locals right from The Robey staff.

See what's happening during your stay.


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